New Facebook Ads Campaign Goals – this is what they look like

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Who at the click on the “Create” button no longer sees the usual interface for selecting the goals, but instead sees new Facebook Ads campaign goals, usually has the option of Introduction to help with the selection. There is a notification field with a button in the upper area of ​​the pop-up. If you click on it, you first get to the old overview, select your desired goal and then get it “translated” into the new version.

If you want to navigate yourself, the Explanation on the right side that appears when you mouse over each objective. If you have selected a goal and clicked on, you will be taken to the usual view in the Ads Manager and can start setting up your campaign as usual.

What’s new?

On Campaign Level we then encounter the first innovation, which has nothing to do with the change in campaign goals, but is still worth mentioning: the Campaign Bid Strategies have been renamed. In the place where you would otherwise find “Lowest costs” and the option of setting your own CPC by default, you will now find the designation “Largest volume” next to the function just mentioned. However, Meta does not reveal exactly what this change entails.

On Ad group level the dot “

Conversion Location” on. Depending on which new Facebook Ads campaign goal you have selected, you will be given different options to choose from (e.g. website, in your ad, Facebook page, app, messenger, etc.). In the case of a classic traffic ad that should refer to a specific landing page, for example, we would select a website here. If you want to set up a Page Like Ad for your Facebook page, you select the target interaction and your Facebook page as the conversion location. If you want to promote posts, you can do this with the target interactions, the conversion location “In your ad” and the Interactart “Post Interactions”. Meta has clearly listed the combinations that are currently possible here.

Also new, that Conversions now next to the “Revenue” area in the Leads and interactions are available. In other words, the ad then targets well-regarded content, for example, in addition to purely sales-oriented events. The conversions in the sales target can only be set to Pixel Events that are optimized are recorded in your aggregated events after verifying your domain. The item Store Traffic has been completely removed.
In principle, everything is the same as before all new in one. The new Facebook Ads campaign goals are being rolled out bit by bit, so they should be available in all ad accounts soon. There is currently no forecast as to whether and when current campaigns will have to be changed. So it remains exciting.
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