Fatal Error ‘openssl/crypto.h’ file not Found [SOLVED!]

As software development continues to grow and evolve, OpenSSL libraries have become an integral part of the process. However, it’s not uncommon for developers to encounter errors during the software compilation stage. One such error is the ‘openssl/crypto.h’ file not found.

This error can be particularly frustrating and time-consuming, especially for those who are new to software development. Therefore, in this article, we’ll explore the potential causes of this error and provide a solution to help you resolve it. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the impact of the ‘openssl/crypto.h’ file not found error, as well as the steps you can take to solve it. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to confidently navigate software development projects and overcome potential errors that may arise. So let’s get started and explore how to solve this error and get your software back on track.

Understanding the Error

To understand the ‘openssl/crypto.h’ file not found error, we must first understand what openssl/crypto.h is and its role in software development. OpenSSL is an open-source software library that provides cryptographic functionalities, such as SSL/TLS encryption and decryption. It’s widely used in web servers, email servers, and other networked applications to ensure secure communication. The openssl/crypto.h file is a header file that provides the necessary declarations and definitions for the OpenSSL library.

When the openssl/crypto.h file is not found during software compilation, it can cause a range of issues. Without this file, the software can’t locate the necessary declarations and definitions for OpenSSL, which can prevent it from compiling correctly. This error can cause significant delays in software development, as developers must spend time identifying and resolving the issue.

Moreover, the ‘openssl/crypto.h’ file not found error can compromise software security. OpenSSL is essential for providing secure communication and encryption. Therefore, if the software can’t locate the necessary declarations and definitions, it may use outdated or incorrect cryptographic functions, which can result in security vulnerabilities.

Solving the Error

When faced with the ‘openssl/crypto.h’ file not found error, developers can take several approaches to resolve the issue. Here, we’ll discuss the most common solutions to help you overcome this error and continue with your software development.

Install OpenSSL libraries

The first solution is to install OpenSSL libraries. This is often the simplest and most effective way to resolve the error. Developers can install OpenSSL libraries on various operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, and macOS. The installation process varies depending on the operating system, but the necessary steps are usually straightforward and can be found in OpenSSL documentation.

Modify environment variables

Another solution is to modify environment variables. Environment variables are values that define the behavior of the operating system and its applications. By modifying environment variables, developers can direct the software to find the openssl/crypto.h file. This solution may be necessary when the software can’t find OpenSSL libraries in the standard installation paths.

Updating system paths

Updating system paths is another solution to resolve the ‘openssl/crypto.h’ file not found error. System paths are directories where the operating system looks for libraries and executable files. By adding the path to the OpenSSL library to the system path, developers can direct the software to the openssl/crypto.h file.

While these solutions can effectively resolve the error, it’s crucial to be aware of common errors and mistakes that can occur during the process. For example, developers may install the wrong version of OpenSSL or forget to update the system path after installing the libraries. Therefore, it’s important to carefully follow the steps and double-check the installation process to avoid further issues.

Case Study

Recently, a team of developers was working on a new software project that required OpenSSL libraries. However, during the software compilation stage, they encountered the ‘openssl/crypto.h’ file not found error. This error prevented the software from compiling correctly, resulting in significant delays in the development process.

After investigating the issue, the team discovered that they had not installed OpenSSL libraries correctly. They had installed the libraries but had failed to update the system path to direct the software to the openssl/crypto.h file.

To resolve the error, the team updated the system path to include the path to the OpenSSL library. They then recompiled the software and successfully resolved the error.

This case study highlights the importance of carefully following the installation process and updating the system path correctly to resolve the ‘openssl/crypto.h’ file not found error. By taking these steps, the team was able to overcome the error and continue with their software development without further delays.

In future projects, it’s essential to ensure that the OpenSSL libraries are correctly installed and the system path is updated to avoid this error. By learning from this case study and being mindful of potential errors, developers can improve their software development process and deliver high-quality, secure software.


In conclusion, the ‘openssl/crypto.h’ file not found error can be a frustrating and time-consuming issue for developers during software development. The error can prevent software from compiling correctly, delay the development process, and compromise software security.

However, by understanding the causes of the error and the potential solutions, developers can resolve the issue and continue with their software development. Solutions include installing OpenSSL libraries, modifying environment variables, and updating system paths. By following these steps and being mindful of common errors, developers can overcome this error and improve the quality and security of their software.

It’s crucial to remember that software development is a continuous learning process, and errors are a natural part of the process. Therefore, it’s essential to seek further resources and support if you encounter any issues during your development journey.

In summary, the ‘openssl/crypto.h’ file not found error is a common error in software development that can be resolved through various solutions. By being mindful of potential issues and learning from real-world examples, developers can improve their software development process and deliver high-quality, secure software.

By Extensinet