LinkedIn Conversation Ads, new messaging ad format

LinkedIn has introduced a new “Conversation Views” option that leverages messaging conversations to provide each user with a customized experience. The new conversation ads build on the current message ads. Several options should make the ads more personal and appealing, but also increase interaction. Businesses can use Conversation Ads to create campaigns with multiple conversion paths that result in a variety of calls to action.

Innovative approach

Content served through Conversation ads can be personalized based on where the user is in the conversion funnel. LinkedIn emphasized that companies could expect higher-quality engagement from users by offering them more interesting advertising content. In the Conversation Ads, it is now possible to insert CTA buttons with direct action in the sponsored InMails, offering recipients multiple response options.

The following options have now been introduced :

    • Visit website
    • Register for webinar
    • Subscribe to Newsletter
    • Get Demo

Turn conversations into high quality conversions

Conversation ads are designed to serve prospects when they’re most receptive to them. LinkedIn explained that messages are only sent if the prospect is active on LinkedIn and has the right attitude at the moment. In addition, conversation ads can be used with existing LinkedIn features such as Lead Gen Forms and Conversion Tracking.

The concept leans on the “compulsion of choice” so to speak to create an increased response. Reaching out to a single user with a single offer may not get the action you want, but by offering different, optional responses you expand the potential for engagement.

Various psychological studies underscore the value of choice in this regard, but not too many options should be offered, because if there are too many variables to consider, the response rate decreases. As more users engage with messages on the platform and messages sent have quadrupled in the last five years, this new display variant is emerging as a good option for businesses. The function is profitable for both companies and customers because the exchange of information becomes more personalized and users can engage with the content in a different way. This gives companies the opportunity to better understand the intentions of users by analyzing deeper insights.

Our conclusion

In conclusion, this new feature, currently in beta in Germany, has more potential than generic InMail campaigns of the past and provides another way to guide users through the different stations of the funnel. In addition, these ads are only sent to active LinkedIn users – there is a high probability that this will increase the engagement of the target audience.

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