Facebook Feeds Tab & Home Tab replaces News Feed

Facebook launched News Feed 16 years ago and I can hardly count the articles on changes to News Feed and the algorithm. Everything may not change now, but a lot is changing. Mark Zuckerberg announced the end of the classic Facebook News Feed while also introducing the new Home tab and Feeds tab.

Facebook Feeds tab for all posts from Facebook Pages, Groups and Friends

Facebook users have a new place to go with the Feeds tab, where they can see posts from Facebook Pages, from friends, and from Facebook groups. What is interesting about the Feeds tab is that the content is displayed in chronological order. So the chronological Facebook feed is back, much like Instagram is.

As with the chronological Instagram feed, the new Facebook Feeds tab is not the default view for Facebook. The tab must be actively accessed via the navigation. Question for you: How often do you switch to the chronological feed view on Instagram? Regularly, or like me, almost never.

You can interpret the changes in two ways. First, that Facebook is taking a step towards its users and is finally presenting the chronological feed that is so often requested. In the Feeds tab there is an additional option to display “all posts” once, or only posts from groups, from pages, or only from friends, depending on your choice. And let’s be honest, nobody will only display posts from pages.

Or you can see what Facebook is also (or mainly) about and these are reels, creators and content recommendations. These are pushed in the so-called home feed and that is the standard view of Facebook.

Facebook home feed with a focus on reels and Content Recommendations

While the Feeds tab is about personal social graphs, i.e. subscribed pages, Facebook contacts and groups, the home feed is about content discovery. This means that the Facebook algorithm takes action and recommends content to its users based on their own user behavior.

So the same principle as in the Reels tab on Instagram, for example, or with the content recommendations in the Instagram Feed.

Mark Zuckerberg also published a video where you can see how the two new feeds work and navigate.

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