Why are ads appearing in front of my YouTube videos?

In the last few months, the question has often come up: Why does appear? Ad before my YouTube videos? For a long time, advertising was only played in front of videos if the publishing users were part of the YouTube partner program. However, this has changed. Since the  Adjustment of the terms of use on 01. June 2021 keeps YouTube before the option to expand the advertising placement. In the terms of use they put it like this:

YouTube’s right to monetization. We’re gradually beginning to show ads in a limited number of brand-safe videos on channels that don’t participate in the YouTube Partners Program or don’t have a monetization agreement with YouTube. While these creators do not receive a share of the revenue from these ads, they can still apply to the YouTube Partners Program once they meet the eligibility requirements, which remain unchanged.

YouTube seems to be making more and more use of this self-granted right. Although they still give users the option to register for the partner program and thus benefit from the advertising that is played in front of their videos, there have also been many large channels that have so far deliberately decided against participating in order to their to keep the content ad-free . Unfortunately, you no longer have this option.

A change that many content creators upset – for a good reason!

By Extensinet

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