WhatsApp Business Solutions Update 2022

The world is becoming more and more digital and also the Communication between customers and companies has to adapt to this change. Above 70% of respondents indicate that they use messaging services with Companies want to communicate just like they do privately. WhatsApp business solutions are therefore an attractive tool for companies.

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business Apps are exciting, but sometimes also controversial solutionfor companies to with their customers communicate. In the meantime there is not only WhatsApp Business, but also WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business for free and specifically for small Companies

Catalog creation possible for product and service presentation
Features: Verified WhatsApp account, text modules, product catalogue, opening times etc.

Fast and good communication with customers through tools for automatically sorting and replying to messages.


GDPR and Privacy are not guaranteed

Requires a Phone – problematic if other colleagues should work with it Use at different Places can not

WhatsApp Business is well suited for small businesses with 1-3 employees, but it must be borne in mind that the Privacy is not guaranteed.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp Business API allows it medium and large companies to connect with customers around the world. One API (Application Programming Interface) is a Interface that connects different applications or programs together. The WhatsApp Business API connects WhatsApp to a

CRM system, a call center application, a shopping system or another tool. This makes it independent of devices and cell phone numbers, but can be used as “Channel” – similar to a live chat – can be embedded in the existing communication channels. The possible uses of the API go well beyond the WhatsApp business solution and is therefore the Professional solution by WhatsApp.


  • Official Company Account with green tick
  • Chat bots and automated
  • Push notifications
  • Privacy is guaranteed
  • Using the API is it also possible again to use a species
  • WhatsApp Newsletter to send the end was banned in 2019.


Paying Version: There will be a monthly fee and an amount charged per conversation. Between User Initiated Messages (customer turns to companies) and Business Initiated Messages (company turns to customer).

  • Of the Access to the API version is not easy. WhatsApp only grants direct access to a few companies and all others need a so-called
  • Business Solution Provider. These areofficial partners of Facebook that allow companies access to the API, themselves However, you can also have this service paid for.

Which app is suitable for my business?

The following applies to everything: The customers must explicitly agree that they wish to receive communications from the company. After this approval, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API are both good opportunities for customer: internal communication and depending on the size of the company and your wishes, one of the two business versions can be selected. The big plus of the API is that it is a privacy compliant solution.

Innovation for WhatsApp Business

Meta is currently in Updatemarathon: About regular changes in the Facebook advertising manager and updates on Instagram, such as the possibility of posts to pin, come now too Innovations for the WhatsApp Business Apps. These are intended to enable the use of WhatsApp Business and communication with me t Make it easier for customers to use Messenger.In the WhatsApp Business Apps should it be possible in the future Advertisements in the app.

Something should also happen in the Meta Business Suite:

WhatsApp will as a test in theMailbox of Meta Business Suite integrated. So the messages from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp can all be sent to a place managed will. The Device binding from WhatsApp is therefore omitted and this allows access by several employees: easier inside and the inquiries can also be better processed via the Desktop to be edited.

Furthermore, Meta wants Marketing Messages test in the Meta Business Suite. Company should Promotional Messages to customers who activate this function to inform you about offers, promotions, etc.

We are excited to see which innovations will prevail and are particularly impressed by the integration of WhatsApp messages into the mailbox in the Meta Business Suite.

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