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Whether to use it as inspiration, or maybe to use it a lot Of course you have to decide for yourself to do better. In any case, it is valuable to know exactly where you stand. And what the target group might see from other sites. After all, you always want to stand out from the competition.

Facebook offers and for this yes for example, the Ad Library, a comprehensive, searchable collection of all ads currently serving on Instagram or Facebook. But LinkedIn also offers the opportunity to gain an insight into the currently ongoing Sponsored Content Ads.

of the competition. Since there is no special platform for this, you have to go a little detour. This can only be reached via the desktop, but not in the LinkedIn app.

View Active LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads of the Contest:

First offers of course look at a comprehensive list of competitors. This can then in turn be entered via the LinkedIn search and searched for company profiles. On the company profile there is the Button Posts.

– all content posted by a company is displayed here. Of course, you should also linger here for a moment and see what is well received in the competition, how often it is posted, how high the interaction rates are, etc.


To filter the organic content, simple click on ads. If there are currently no active ads running, you will find the following notification.

When ads are placed (or . were also placed recently), but a complete list of all ads can be found under this tab.

One sees here, of course, above all the creatives, the call-to-actions and the message of the ad. In addition, you can of course navigate to the landing page. I can’t see


Performance Data of the respective LinkedIn advertisement. In addition, comments and reactions posted by the community are not visible.

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