Top YouTube SEO Tools to Boost Your Reach and Rank High

YouTube comes in second when discussing the major search engines. In light of this, it may be the best area to attract millions of customers to your brand. Due to YouTube’s estimated 2.5 billion active viewers, people began exploiting it to increase their income after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Users may now input their searches on this platform and find hundreds of results, just as on a typical search engine. What if, however, the search results do not include your video? In your brand video, the content you create is essential. But how you rank YouTube videos is the question that arises here. The solution is to employ YouTube SEO techniques.

You can use a variety of YouTube SEO tools readily available online for this reason. Simply filtering and optimizing your content to help it rank well is all that SEO does. On the other hand, YouTube has a unique SEO system that is crucial for YouTubers to understand. Some of the more established SEO techniques are still effective, allowing you to use various YouTube SEO tools to achieve your goals. When optimizing your video material, utilize the appropriate term that users may be searching for.

6 Best YouTube SEO Tools to Improve your Rankings

1. Google Keyword Planner

When was the last time you searched YouTube for videos? What language did you use? Did you type the same terms into the Google search bar?

Most likely not. Most of the time, YouTube keywords are entirely different from those you would optimize for on other search engines.

It would be best to look beyond merely doing conventional SEO keyword research to uncover the keywords that will generate the most views, engagement, and clicks.

What you should do is:

  • To find new terms, use Google suggested searches and related searches.
  • For search volume information, use Google Keyword Planner.

Sort those keywords based on their monthly competitiveness and volume. Adjust your keyword strategy for videos accordingly.

2. Google Trends

The majority of SEO professionals use this tool to evaluate the effectiveness of a specific term. However, it also displays the trending behavior of that keyword on YouTube. Go to YouTube Search to uncover more ways to rank higher across all search engines.

While Google Trends filters search data to make comparisons between phrases easier, Google Keyword Planner displays absolute keyword volume. This tool’s ability to display a term’s popularity in relation to the total number of searches is one of its unique features. That stops the same person from conducting multiple investigations.

3. vidIQ Vision

You might obtain all the unique details about a specific video with the aid of this program. You will receive a thorough overview of a particular page, including tags and other information. It includes several great, illustrative numbers, including Views Per Hour, Duration (of View), Engagement Rate, and others. Even, how probable it is for a video to appear in suggested searches or suggested videos is shown by the special VidIQ score.

4. TubeBuddy

Because of how simple it is to include into your workflow and how effective it is, TubeBuddy is an amazing plugin.

With the aid of competitive analysis, you may utilize this tool to study and improve the statistics for your channel. One of the best tools for editing your video’s data on YouTube is this one.

5. YouTube Studio

Using the right keywords in custom captions and subtitles for your videos is a great YouTube technique that traditional SEOs find tough to adopt.

Despite YouTube’s auto-captioning option, it’s recommended to add your own. According to some research, this could even boost engagement by almost 7%.

Use the dropdown menu next to the video you wish to edit in the Video Manager ( Click Add New Subtitles or CC function after selecting Subtitles/CC. You will then have a few options for uploading from there. Pick the one that best matches your skill set!

6. Serpstat

The main advantage of Serpstat for YouTube is its potent keyword research tools which you can use to create a SEO ranked title, description and tag for your YouTube video. Finding new, popular, and closely related keywords for the videos you make enable you to realize the potential of your niche fully.

Even better, it may demonstrate how pertinent a video is to a particular search. Giving it a “base” term will cause it to spew out related keywords for you to consider. To help you decide which to target and which to avoid, it even assigns a value to each. Choosing the incorrect keywords to target will kill your YouTube SEO efforts. Make sure you pick the appropriate ones!


YouTube SEO is challenging, but the benefits are enormous. Before uploading a video to your channel, it is vital to optimize it. Results could be unexpected if you use the best YouTube SEO tools and perform the proper optimization.

By groot