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The World’s First 512 GB MicroSD Card

The British company Integral has announced the release of the most capacious microSD card on the market – 512 GB microSDXC V10. The card meets the video speed class 10 (V10) standard, which means that it enables fast transfer of Full HD video data. The data writing speed is at least 10 Mb / s. The reading speed is 80 Mb / s, which is slightly lower than 100 Mb / s for the SanDisk 400GB microSD record card.

At the turn of the year, Samsung announced that it is ready to produce 512 GB storage modules for smartphones and tablets, which caused a wave of speculation that the new Galaxy S9 smartphone model will have so much built-in memory at the user’s disposal. Assuming that Samsung will launch the S9 Galaxy with a 512 GB disk, adding a new Integral product to it, the purchaser of Galaxy S9 would have access to mass storage up to 1 TB.

The new Integral Memory card may cost in Poland well over a thousand zlotys. This is not for the ordinary user at the moment. As predicted by the target group there are rather professional photographers and filmmakers.

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