The right format for Instagram video posts

Previously, the video post formats were stored in two different tabs in the profile pictured. With the change that has now been rolled out, these will be merged. This should agree promptly for all profiles.

What is the difference between the previous video posts in the Instagram feed and the new one Placement in the reels?

The Previous video posts that are imported into the feed were first like all regular Instagram posts per se only displayed to people who follow the sharing channel . With a bit of luck you ended up in the Explore Feed and the video contribution reaches a few more people; however, this could only be promoted to a limited extent. Reels are Instagram’s TikToks. They are not just a new format, they use one completely different algorithm.

Although they are also in the regular feed, but above all, a separate one played out in the Reels Tab in the app. And there per se everyone who might be interested (not just their own followers). The range there is often significantly higher. However, the entire Reels tab is clearly geared towards playing video posts in portrait format.

What this entails for us: when uploading from the mobile device, the reels format (9:16) is clearly forced.

The problem: the Creator Studio and of course many third-party tools have not quite caught up. After the upload, you should check whether everything is displayed as desired.

So you can now only upload video posts in portrait format to Instagram?

The following applies: still can all uploaded formats of video posts that were also previously possible. But you have to be prepared for the fact that they are shown differently than you are used to. In any case, it now always requires one Thumbnail/title picture in the format 9:16

(1080×1920 px) for display in the Reels tab in your own profile. From which a square section also serves as a preview image in the profile view. The problem with this: such a still or image is not always available, especially with a video in landscape format. Although you can choose from a frame from the video, this is often unfortunate depending on the design. You should therefore have a suitable alternative motif at hand, because a new motif can also be uploaded from your own gallery.

But you don’t just have to be careful when choosing one Cover Image. In some cases the Preview of a square Videos cropped to approximately 4:5 when displayed in the regular home page feed. After clicking on the video, you (only) get to the desired square view, placed on a black background in the Reels Tab.

Best practice for Instagram video posts in 2022

If you want to make positive use of the new reach that the placement of video posts in the Reels Tab brings with it, you should do the following for future video posts note:

Create videos in portrait format (9:16)

If there is only material in landscape format, you can work with cuts and also frames or eye-catchers to achieve the format.

  • Safe zone note for placement of text.
  • A Cover picture in format 9:16 ready, which can also be used to cut out a suitable square motif, with which it can then be shared in the profile overview.
  • Uploading a video post as a reel brings with it a few new settings that you should be aware of. As a public channel, anyone can
  • Original Audio yours Reels or the entire video remixand for use their posts – except you deactivate this option. To do this, simply open the settings in the Instagram app in the relevant account and search for Reel or click through to the relevant position manually.
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