The new functions of the Google Ads Editor at a glance

Version 2.1 of Google Ads Editor has been released. As a result of the update, the editor has a large number of new functions. We present all the new products in detail in our blog post.

Home page

When opening an account via the editor, an overview page appears. This is similar to a Google Ads account home page. All important KPIs of the account are displayed. The period can be set individually. The key figures can also be selected individually. The new start page also contains an overview of the activated campaigns and their performance.

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A list with recommendations for the currently displayed element type has been added to the main menu. This should make the recommendations even more present in the interface.

The points have been added:

  • Top- Recommendations
  • Asset Services
  • Asset Group Status
  • Set target ROAS in view of future growth in traffic
  • Set Target CPA
  • Switch local campaigns to campaigns for maximum performance
  • Use Display Network Activation
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Responsive Ads Recommendations

The performance of the responsive ads per ad group is broken down in detail in the new version. There the development is shown in comparison to the campaigns and the entire account. In addition, impressions, clicks and costs are examined in more detail in a weekly comparison.

Source: Google Ads Editor

Budget Settings

To prevent an adjusted shared budget from being deleted, an error appears in the new editor version if a campaign uses a shared budget but not the associated portfolio bid strategy (or vice versa).
Custom questions in the lead form extensions can now be freely formulated via the editor. Previously, only predefined questions were available. For the question “Are you over _ years old? Can now choose an age between 18 and 64 years. Previously there were only 18, 21 or 25 to choose from.Also, the update allows that Lead form extensions that can be attached at the account level. Previously this was only possible at campaign level.

Source: Google Ads Editor

Display Status

The new version of the editor contains more comprehensive information about the campaigns in the primary display status. Due to the update, detailed reasons are listed there why a campaign is not delivered.

With the new update, the Google Ads Editor 2.1 has a multitude of new functions. It is noticeable that the program is being adapted more and more to the Google Ads interface and that there are more options for optimization within the tool. We’re excited to test out the various new features and recommendations.

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