How to use The LinkedIn Business Manager

Most of us already know you from the META universe and know that he is both a blessing and a curse: the business manager. A higher-level tool that makes it easier for us as an agency to work with our customers and also regulates things such as the assignment of access rights, etc. Now Linkedin finally has its own business manager. Keeping the look & feel quite clean and adapted to the already known BM of the other networks, a great new dashboard, which will make our work with LinkedIn ads, target groups and pages much easier and hopefully save a lot of time.

The Set up LinkedIn Business Manager

Absolutely uncomplicated and can be implemented in just a few steps. Under the following link you start the Setting up your Business Manager:

In the first step, a new Business Manager is created. You need a professional email address for this. You will receive an email with an invitation, which you must accept.

And there it is Linkedin Business Manager active. Now you can bring all Linkedin relevant ad accounts, business pages and people together in one secure, centralized platform.

In the next step you invite colleagues to the Business Manager or use the other functions that we summarize you here:

Functions of Business Manager

Invite People – Assignment of Rights: Available roles are Admin, staff and freelancers. People and companies can be granted the required access rights from here and, if necessary, removed again with just one click.

Become a partner – customers or others Companies can link their Business Manager to their own and thus grant access rights to e.g. advertising accounts or pages

    1. Add ad accounts. Extremely practical, especially for agencies, since all of the customer’s advertising accounts can be called up here. However, the view and work in the advertising account itself does not change.
    2. Set up or add Company Pages. The same applies here: everything in one central place.
    3. Matched Audiences: Can be added and even shared across multiple ad accounts. Audiences are still created in the ad accounts in Campaign Manager. When an audience is updated, the changes are automatically applied to all affected campaigns.
    4. And finally the invoices: Finally a nice overview of all receipts 😊
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