Spice Up your Instagram Content – 4 Ideas for your Instagram Posts

Relevant Content

The be-all and end-all for content on social media is relevant content that leads to you and your company fits. Content works best for your Company eg behind the scene or content to yours Products / Services, the entertain and/or inform.

But don’t let that limit you too much and try yourself. Social media is dynamic and is constantly changing, so you should keep new things and at Trending participate. This is the only way to gain new followers and offer added value with your content.

It’s all in the mix

This applies to both the Content of your posts as well as for the Formats. Try a mix of individual images, Carousels, Reels and Stories to post . So you have the right format for every situation and cover the preferences of all followers.

Content Ideas

Frame posts

Are as easy as they sound : Here you add a Frame around the images. This will bring up the feed more visually appealing designed and works tidy. See the mail related and offer the followers a better Overview about your content.

Interactive Elements

These are particularly suitable for Stories and recently they are also for

Reels available. There are now a wide variety of elements on Instagram: Knitters for Questions, surveys and quizzes, a Donate button and many more. All the way less effort it’s a reaction from admitted, the more likely you’ll make yours followers too. For example, in a survey, the willingness to choose an answer is higher than sending a photo or asking a question in a text field.

Tip: You can also share answers afterwards and thus have 2x content with little effort.


Content Categories

Almost every topic can be converted into Subcategories

and you can do that you take advantage of. Let’s take the example of a channel on the topic of plants: Here you can, for example, define the categories indoor plants, plants for outdoors, proper care, etc. and create posts about them. You can regularly or also irregular Post.

Maybe the community you’re in already has one established categories. In the book community (#bookstagram), for example, there is the category #shelfieSunday, where a picture of the bookshelf is posted on Sundays.

Tip: Visually, you can also use frames to highlight and organize these categories.

Visual Statements

Visual statements are graphically created posts with sayings who entertain should and in your feed for even more Variety worries. Don’t worry, for this you need no graphic Previous knowledge. For the creation there are many Online tools and inspiration for sayings can be found, for example on Pinterest.

Tip: Here, too, it is enough to create a template and exchange the saying and vary individual elements.

So, those were our 4 ideas to add your Instagram content to spice things up a bit. Of course you can also use these ideas modify, combine or transfer to other platforms.

Try yourself, keep reinventing yourself and the most important thing: Have fun!

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