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Season pass to Far Cry 5 – Ubisoft presents the upcoming DLC

Far Cry 5 does not let you forget about yourself. The Ubisoft company decided to bring us the content of upcoming DLC, which together with the full version of Far Cry 3 will be part of the season pass.

Today Ubisoft has become extremely effusive about the fifth part of the Far Cry cycle. The dust has not dropped yet after the announcement of Far Cry Arcade, which is a special platform through which players will create their own missions and maps for multiplayer, and we can already enjoy the eye of an explosive trailer presenting the upcoming DLC and so-called “live events”. Before we go to discuss the attractions prepared by the creators, let’s take a look at this dynamic video material.

We will start unusually, because in the end. Live events will be special time-limited events in which developers will challenge us with different challenges. The game will be worth the candle because realizing the goals set for us, we will unlock unique costumes for our character, additional equipment, and vehicles, which will then be used during the usual journeys in Hope County.

The impending expansion over which the team responsible for the mock Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is working deserves a separate mention. Hours of Darkness, or Dark Hours, will take us to war-torn Vietnam, whereas Wendell Redler, we will try to tear friends from Vietkong to escape from this place in one piece. Sounds serious, right? The slightly lighter climate will be offered to us by Lost on Mars, which will take us to the title Red Planet, where we will face aggressive, spider-like creatures that will threaten the Earth. The last DLC, or Dead Living Zombies, will allow us to face the title dead people; as a curiosity, it should be added that the author of seven scenarios is Guy Marvel – director of class B horror movies. According to previous reports, the list of additions that will go to the seasonal pass will be closed by the full version of Far Cry 3 (on consoles – Far Cry 3: Classic Edition).

The graphics from the above add-ons are waiting for you below. Meanwhile, we would like to remind you that Far Cry 5 will debut on March 27 on personal computers and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The title will be released on the Vistula River in the Polish cinema version.

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