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PUBG – 22 tips and tricks for beginners in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


PUBG – or PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, if you like – is an extremely simple game, almost banal in assumptions. But it hides a lot of depth if we look closely enough. It’s not just about who will show better accuracy.

On this page, we have collected all the most important tips and tricks about the game. The ones that we would like to hear ourselves before we started playing

PUBG: absolute basics – how to survive?

In order to deal well with the PUBG, one should pay attention to a lot of different details – that’s why we decided to compile the list below. We will divide it into several categories to make browsing a bit more comfortable.

However, before we get to the hints, here are a few words about how the rivalry in Battlegrounds generally looks like – let there be an introduction for those who have not dealt with the game yet.


The most important rules

PUBG is not a typical shooter, and the sooner we realize it, the better. The goal here is not to kill as many enemies as possible, but simply survival and the ability to improvise and adapt to different situations.

Currently, the most popular style of the game is the emphasis on sneaking. Many players are betting on slow, seemingly boring gameplay – it is waiting in a secure and safe place and waiting until the last moment to move to a safe area. Since the number of homicides does not affect the result (although it provides some more points for which we buy boxes), why risk and play aggressively?

Of course, an offensive style is possible if we only want to play this way – just then there is a greater chance of failure. Sometimes, however, you need an injection of adrenaline.

It should also be noted that the combat system requires a bit of getting used to it. This is something between Battlefield and the ARMA series. So it is not completely authentic, but the shooting model is not purely arcade. That is why it is not always worth to avoid the fight because in the end you sometimes have to train – and the game does not offer a mode where we could just work out.

Defeating enemies during the match – not only at the end – is also a chance to get ammunition or additional weapons, sometimes better than the one we were able to find.


Each match usually takes place as follows:

You start on the plane from which you can jump at any time. Landing in cities on the flight line of the machine usually results in a quick encounter of rivals, and landing away from the plane, on the edge of the map, is usually a relative calmness.
After landing, we mainly look for weapons, armor and a backpack. At the same time, we are planning further moves – we observe a white circle, which on the map designates the game zone and we think how we get to the center.
As time passes, fewer and fewer players are left alive. Plans often change, all have to improvise a little. The game zone is getting smaller and smaller, so the one who is more attentive, but also the luckier will win.

Of course, this is just a general outline of the example round. There are many more details – you will find them below.


Tips for beginner PUBG players

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may seem a bit overwhelming. Read the following tips, however, and the whole should seem a bit less complicated to you at once. We start with the most basic tricks and tips, then we’ll get something for advanced.

For starters: basics and control

1. Remember that after hiding the weapon (by default, the X key on the PC) you run a little faster.

2. Take off your shoes! You can do it during the warm-up – thanks to this you will move more quietly, and it has no effect on health or speed.

3. To refuel the car, the vehicle must stand still. However, you can refuel the car while inside – just click the canister in the inventory.

4. Remember to use markers on the map when you play with the team to mark all the important places or positions of the enemies (right click on the map).

5. You can use voice chat for a team, but remember to set it as private. Otherwise, opponents may hear you.


6. Adjust the shooting mode – using the B key on the PC and the d-pad on the Xbox One. As soon as you raise the weapon, decide if you want to shoot with bursts, continuous fire or individual missiles (of course, not every weapon is such a choice).

7. You can aim in three ways – from the hip, from an approximation over the shoulder (hold the right mouse button) and aim in FPP mode (clicking the right mouse button). You can, of course, change the settings so that the holding itself changes the perspective on the FPP.

For starters: strategies and priorities

8. Large cities and clusters of buildings on the flight line of the aircraft are at the beginning dangerous because of jumpers in their direction most players. Such places, however, are often good equipment. If you want to land there, try to aim at the roofs from which you can go inside the building.

9. At the beginning, the most important items to acquire are backpack, helmet, bulletproof vest (the higher the level, the better), and – as for the weapon – the assault rifle.

10. All building doors are implicitly closed. If they are open, it means that someone was in a given place. Remember to always close the door behind you, because you can confuse the enemy or set a trap.

11. In the game you get damage from falling, so be careful. However, you can safely jump more or less from the height of the first floor.

12. If someone starts to shoot at you, but you do not know where – do not stop and (it’s important) do not fall on the ground. Instead, start running towards the nearest building with a zigzag. During the race, you may be able to figure out where the shooter is. Even if you do not, you have a better chance of survival if you constantly change the direction of the sprint.

13. Always search the entire building before you start collecting items. Look inside each room, or at least to the nearest (in larger buildings). Stupidly surprise yourself while collecting ammunition from the floor.


14. During the game in cooperation, ignore all enemies that you hurt so that they fell down – do not waste time knocking them down, because they can not get up and go back to the game. What’s more, the wounded can be used as a lure for their allies.

15. Vehicles are great to cover long distances, but something for something – they are also loud, so they pay attention. Use them wisely.

16. If you stop the vehicle on a hill, park it across the vehicle so that it does not roll. Be careful not to hit obstacles at high speeds and do not drive too fast on uneven terrain.

17. Not all sights are suitable for every weapon. For example, you can mount the 8x telescope in any rifle except M16. Lunet cannot be applied to machine guns at all. We will put on the climbers for some of the pistols.

18. The level of the helmet is very important. A Kar98 rifle shot in the head will kill the victim with full health, even if the target is level 2, but level 3 helmet will withstand one hit. Take this into account when you aim at the potential victims of concealment.

19. Guns are useless virtually always beyond the very beginning of the round. Therefore, if it’s been over a dozen minutes, and you do not have a place in your backpack for valuable first-aid kits or other items, just throw the gun and ammunition into it to gain space.

20. Picking up the objects of defeated enemies, pay attention to the numbers next to the armor. Just because you raise the level 3 armor from the enemy does not mean that it will definitely be better than level 2 – it can be badly damaged.

21. Avoid bridges like fire. If someone starts on the bridge behind some obstacle, it’s very easy for him to attack someone who is crossing the bridge – even in the vehicle. It is always better to choose a boat or even to cross the river.

22. Keep moving without interruption. Do not stop even when picking up items – press the inventory button and throw the prey into your backpack, but at the same time keep moving from side to side. You will be surprised how often it can save your life.


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