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Pokémon GO – Guide And Best Tips Part 1

A complete guide for beginners and advanced.

Welcome to the Pokémon GO guide. In our publication you will find a complete description of the most important aspects of the game, you will learn basic and advanced advice and techniques, payment information, but also very practical tips and hints related to even acquiring coins.

In our guide, there is also a description of all Pokémon, with their photos and statistics, as well as items and prizes for promoting the characters. The material is updated all the time – along with emerging news.

Pokémon GO is available all over the world, also in Poland. You can download it directly from Google Play or AppStore – see the instructions on how to download and install Pokémon GO. It is really simple.

How to start? The first Pokemon, or maybe Pikachu?

After the first launch of Pokémon GO, we need to create our avatar or the image of a character who will walk around the map. We choose from several available items of clothing, change the hairstyle.

When we create a character, our first task is to catch the first creature. On the screen, you will see three Pokémon – Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. To catch one of them, it must be within the circle visible around the avatar. If it’s close enough, just tap the creature to start the catching process.

Interestingly, the developers have also made a fourth starter Pokémon, which is somewhat hidden from the players. If we ignore the three creatures proposed to us at the beginning and we will walk long enough, with any luck after some time we will reach the famous Pikachu.

Raids and boss fights – Gym update

With the update, which will probably appear in Poland in July 2017, Pokémon GO will bring the opportunity to fight with extremely powerful bosses. These will be fights supporting team fights, up to 20 people in a group.

Johto Region, 2nd Generation – Pokemon with Gold and Silver

In February 2017 Pokémon GO got one of the major updates. No patch since the premiere of the game has introduced so many new creatures. Players have received almost 90 additional Pokemon, which are known for Gold, Silver and Crystal games.

We have prepared a handy list of all new creatures, along with an indication of the evolution or source of obtaining monsters.

Strange stories and player cases

The Niantic studio game has encouraged many users to go out for walks more often. Groups of trainers began to involuntarily meet at various points of the cities. Since so many people caught the bug and actively searched for virtual creatures, some of the unusual adventures happened to some people.

Tips for more advanced

After catching the first creature, the right game begins. The goal is to get more pocket monsters. On the screen, we can see a map of your neighborhood, reworked a bit like a cartoon-like version. When we move, our avatar moves on a map where we can also see Pokémon and various points of interest. For more information, please refer to our comprehensive guide

How to catch Pokemon? Where to look for them?

When we get to the map of the creature we care about, we have to get closer to it. When the avatar is at Pokemon, just tap the monster on the screen.

Unlike the games from Nintendo portable consoles, we do not have to fight the Pokémon we want to catch. On the smartphone screen – by default: in camera mode – we can see the creature in a particular place. If it is not on the screen, the arrows will indicate which way to direct the phone.

It is worth knowing that Pokemon leave traces. If you see moving grass, it may be one of the hints that there is a creature to be caught somewhere nearby. Do not miss this chance.

There are 151 pieces in the game world. If you are already a slightly more advanced seeker, it is worth knowing the types of Pokemon, their strengths, and weaknesses.

How to use Pokeball?

Once we have the monster on the screen, we have to use Pokéball at the bottom. It should be thrown into our target by moving the ball towards Pokémon. Holding the finger on Pokéball, we notice a circle around the target – its color symbolizes the level of difficulty of catching the monster (green: the easiest, orange: more difficult, red: difficult).

The smaller the circle surrounding the creature, the greater the chance of being hit, so the throw must be made at the right moment. Dragging cannot be too strong or too light, because we will not hit – and then we will squander Pokéball.

The harder to obtain creatures can be caught using the improved types of Pokéballs and the use of special items (such as Berries fruit), which we gain along with the promotion to higher levels of experience. Helpful items can also be purchased at a micro-payments shop.

What is PokeStop?

We can see not only streets and Pokemon on the world map. A frequent view is blue characters – these are PokeStop points. Their role can be played by a shop, bench, building, monument.

When we get close enough and click on PokeStop, his photo will appear in the blue icon. Then you should turn it (by moving your finger on the screen), and we will get randomly selected prizes. These can be various items, for example, Pokeball.

The checked and used PokeStop will change color on the world map to purple. After winning the prizes, we will also gain some experience points.

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