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Pokémon GO – Guide And Best Tips Part 2

What are Berries?

To visit PokeStop points, we have a chance to win randomly assigned items. These can include, among others, various types of berries (Berries). Using them, we have some influence on the behavior of wild creatures, increasing their chances of catching them. We describe all types of Berry fruits in Pokemon Go.

Turning AR mode on

For simplicity, you can turn off AR (Augmented Reality) mode, which will make it easier and somewhat more convenient to catch a target. It is also worth remembering that in the bottom right corner we can see a list of creatures in the area. The fewer the feet are at their icons, the closer they are. Observing the list as you move, you can judge whether you are approaching a given creature.

How to develop Pokemon? Evolution!

Deciding to develop Pokémon, it’s best to choose a creature with the highest possible CP (Combat Points), which is the determinant of its strength. The development takes place through the use of Stardust items and Pokémon Candy, which we gain during play. To increase the strength of the creature, simply select it from the list and click “Power up”.

In the case of developing creatures, two components remain – stardust and candy. It’s worth finding out how you can get it. Without them, you will not be able to push the fun forward.

Remember that you do not always have to catch Pokemon. At Pokestop points, eggs are one of the prizes. Thanks to them, you can start breeding and eventually hatch your own Pokemon.

Control of Eevee’s evolution

Eevee is an unusual Pokemon. Today – in portable console games from Nintendo – it has as many as eight different forms of evolution. It evolves only once, but depending on various factors it transforms into another creature.

In Pokémon GO we do not have to worry about too much diversity, because of only the evolution of the first generation Pokemonów, so the three possible forms Eevee. To guarantee a specific evolution – in a fiery, water or electric creature – one should simply choose the right name.


One of the most important goals of the game – apart from having fun – is obviously to improve the experience of our character, thanks to which we will be promoted to the next levels. We accumulate experience (XP – from English experience) by performing specific actions in the game. Below is a list of what to do to collect experience points:

10 XP – Overclocked Pokeball (Curve Ball)
10 XP – Good throw Pokeball (Nice Throw)
50 XP – Successful throw Pokeball (Great Throw)
50 XP – Entrance to the Popup
50 XP – Defeat Pokemon in Arena Training Mode (Gym)
100 XP – Fight with another trainer in the Gym
100 XP – A great throw of Pokeball (Excellent Throw)
100 XP – Catching a Pokemon
150 XP – Defeating another Gym coach
200 XP – Exclusion of a Pokemon
500 XP – Pokemon transformation
500 XP – Catching a new Pokemon

What are Gyms and teams?

On the map you will also notice the red-gray structures – they are Arena (in the original: Gyms). Trainers are there to be defeated to get the Arena’s rewards and badges.

You can visit the Arena from the 5th level of experience. When you do this, the first time you will be given the option of joining one of the three factions. The decision does not matter, it’s just a matter of color. As a member of a given team, you’ll be able to defend the Arenas of your own faction by putting your creatures into battle.

How to fight in Pokemon GO?

The fight is simple in assumptions and takes place in real time, not in turns. By tapping on Pokémon, you perform a basic attack. With time, the special ability bar will be charged – this attack will be done by holding your finger on the creature a bit longer.

Clashes are not just about pressing the screen. You have to watch out for opponent’s attacks – by sliding your finger to the right and to the left you can order the creature to evade. Stay alert.

How to lure Pokemon to yourself?

As we already know, there are items and prizes in Pokémon GO that can increase our chances of meeting and catch creatures. We can get them during the adventure as a reward for promoting or visiting PokeStop. You can also simply buy them in a small shop with micropayments.

The first item is called Incense. When we use it, we increase the chance of meeting monsters for our character, around which pink dust appears.

The second option is Lure Module. This item is placed at PokeStop. In this way, in the area of ​​this place for 30 minutes the chance of occurrence of Pokémon in a given area increases – the effects may also be used by strangers who will be nearby.

It is worth to look at the map from time to time to check if anyone in our area has used the Lure Module on one of the PokeStop points. We can go for a walk and without much effort to hunt something interesting.

Legendary Pokemon

There are 151 creatures available in Pokemon Go – at least currently, including three legendary birds. How to find them and when will they be available? We described this issue in our guide, mentioning other rare Pokemon, such as Ditto, Mew, and Mewtwo.

What is Pokemon Go Plus?

Pokemon Go Plus is a Bluetooth device with low energy demand, resembling in some ways smartwatch. Plus allows you to use rewards at PokeStop points and even catch creatures without looking at the smartphone screen.

Medals and achievements

Developers from Niantic studio realize that players like achievements, that’s why they have prepared a system of medals. These badges are awarded for various actions and actions – for example, for catching a specific number of Pokémon of a given type, or breeding eggs and evolving creatures. In our guide, we have prepared a full list of medals currently available in the game.

Pokemon Go does not work?

In the beginning, the game was under a very heavy load – thousands of people from around the world connected with the application to catch Pokemon. Although the situation is definitely better now, there are still a few problems to be faced.

In the end, it is worth noting that the application has a significant impact on battery consumption. As soon as the game is installed, it is worth to run the options (the settings icon is visible after pressing Pokéball at the bottom of the screen) and check the “Battery saver” function.

Pokemon GO is great, relaxing fun, but you must also remember the dangers – you should be careful, ruthlessly look around and not try to catch Pokemon in dangerous places. It is better to give up and go on a quest somewhere else. Pokemon is placed in an automated way – the fact that we see it somewhere does not mean that the creators have planned in advance to place the creature there. Let’s also remember that we can not enter every building. Let’s also respect places where it’s just not proper to play with the phone.

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