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NVIDIA warns tat graphic card prices will continue to grow

nvidia geforce card

Before it is better, it will be (much) worse, they warn the “greens”. NVIDIA reports that probably at the end of this year we can expect a better situation on the market of graphics cards for players.
Graphic card prices will continue to grow, warns NVIDIA


A few weeks ago, we wrote about an unusual NVIDIA initiative that appealed to stores to focus on selling GeForce’ów players rather than the next crypto-currency mines, which massively buy from the market modern graphics perfectly suitable for such activities. The effect of this is the availability problems of the latest NVIDIA GeForce, as well as the constantly rising prices of graphics cards. And unfortunately, everything seems to indicate that this trend will take some time.


nvidia geforce card

According to Massdrop, NVIDIA has already announced that probably only in the fourth quarter of the year prices of graphics cards should stabilize, although of course this is still not certain. For now, we should expect more hikes, and what’s interesting, the only fault is not the crypto-currency mines.

The second problem are concerns that produce modern smartphones that have started using the same memories since last year as graphics cards. The problem is that Samsung and Apple are able to pay more for them than MSI, Gigabyte or Asus, just to get them first. Thus, there is no memory on the market, which translates into lower production of graphics cards, which in combination with mines, cryptocurrency raises their prices.

Well, we will see how the whole situation will shape in the following months, which is not very interesting in our stores. A quick look at Skąpiec and you can see that popular graphics cards are not really cheap and we feel a bit sorry for people who are planning to improve their computer in the near future.

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