Instant Experience – the mobile full-screen experience for your social ads

Single image ads, carousels and video ads have a firm place in our ad sets in the Meta Ads Manager, i.e. with Facebook and Instagram Ads, but storytelling plays a major role in the social area in particular. So how nice would it be to have even more options for compiling background information, images and products on a specific topic and presenting them to users? Is there. Clear the stage for the Instant Experience!

What is an Instant Experience?

The Instant Experience is a Full Screen Display, which opens when users

on a mobile device tap on your ad. Basically, such a full-screen experience can be used for ads in Facebook Feed, Facebook Stories, Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories, and some other placements. The options here may vary depending on the ad format and the structure of the Instant Experience.

As for the design is concerned, you can choose from various Template Categories or after the Block principle a unique combination assemble components. Images, videos, text elements, buttons and even products can be integrated.

What do I need this for?

The Instant Experience is the perfect advertising medium el to tell and show users a little more. For example, you are a Hotel in a beautiful , but maybe not quite as well-known place. Shows your hotel and beautiful shots of the surroundings in the Instant Experience, introduces the holiday location and then leads directly to the booking on your website. Or you are a Online shop with a special action with coupon code. Then you can pack the key visual of your campaign, a text with the voucher code and voucher conditions and, via the product feed, a dynamic selection of relevant products to which the code can be applied, into the creative. Don’t forget the button to the shop and the orders can flow in. You are a

Publisher and want a special book series present it in more detail and win potential readers over to you. For example, presents a title of the series in more detail, gives an insight into the content, simply leads directly to the order page with a button and recommends suitable books that could still be interesting via a feed.

How can something like this look like?

I’ll show you what such an instant experience can look like using the example of a publisher. The Bridgerton hype is unbroken, not least since it became known that filming for the next season had started. Volume 5 of the series is presented here. An appealing

Cover photo, which is optionally clickable, introduces the topic. Then with a Text block a teaser for the content of the title placed. A presenter Button then leads directly to the order page. Below that, a short text about the upcoming products is added, followed by similar titles as Product recommendation, which are also clickable. You can easily change the order of the elements using drag & drop or add new components using the plus button.

Once you’ve saved and completed the Instant Experience, you’ll return to the usual ad design, where you’ll choose a thumbnail, text, and headline. You can then use the share button at the top right to share a Preview on mobile device send. If everything fits, you publish your ad and the application can start.

How can I do the Evaluate performance?

Insights are of course also available for this advertising medium. The following key figures are recorded:

  • Link clicks
  • Outgoing Clicks
  • Instant Experience View Duration
  • Instant Experience View Percentage
  • Landing Page Views
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