How to: Crop images in Microsoft Office

Usually programs like Adobe Photoshop when it comes to cutting out images and graphics.

Because the Cut function in the Microsoft Office programs Word, Powerpoint and Excel works the same everywhere, we will show you this function with an example in Microsoft Word.

Choose picture Above Insert > Pictures the first step should be to select the image that is then to be cropped. As also in Adobe Photoshop should be noted here, the higher the image quality and the more even the background, the better the result.
Microsoft Word now analyzes the object on the picture and first hits a Pre-selection of the area to be deleted. In retrospect, this area can also be readjusted as desired.

If the pre-selection did not find all areas to be deleted, for example, you can easily use the >

Areas to removethe selection needs to be revised. If the area has selected too much and more details should be obtained, this works via > Mark areas to keep.

Change color and fine tuning

After removing the background you can use Image Styles > Image Effects other effects such as shadows or soft edges can be applied to the image. Above

Aspect Ratio > Colour the released object can also be recolored to another color.

Under > Format Graphic > Filling , a new background color can also be defined.

Crop the images into the Microsoft Office programs works relatively well for quick image editing. But the office software programs quickly reach their limits. In the example image with the vase, it can be seen quickly that, despite readjustment, it is all the more difficult to achieve a fine and clean cut-out as with Word also tried to do that The result is not comparable to a clipping from Photoshop.

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