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Sony offers free Netflix for Playstation Plus users

The Japanese company offers 3 months of access to Netflix for free. Offer valid only for active users of their Playstation Plus service.

A special offer is also available for Polish Playstation Plus users. What is the catch? Unfortunately, free Netflix is ​​not available for new console owners from Sony. The promotion is only for existing customers, although not for everyone – users must receive an email from the Japanese giant in which they will be given the option to extend their access to PS Plus.

Then, in addition to 12 months of Playstation Plus, users will also get a voucher for 3 free months of Netflix usage. The code is valid until September 30, 2018, so users have a lot of time to complete the promotion. Sony started sending e-mails to its clients on April 23, but if you have not received any messages from them yet, you do not have to panic – the action with the free Netflix will last until May 4.

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The offer is important in many European countries, including (fortunately) also in Poland. The price of 12-month access to PlayStation Plus is PLN 239. In addition to accessing the multiplayer mode in games on PlayStation 4, PS Plus also includes the option of downloading free games. Offered productions change every month and are available as long as players have an active subscription. In May 2018, players were offered “Beyond: Two Souls” and “Rayman Legends”.
Free Netflix – how to get it?

To sum up: the promotion with 3 free Netflix months runs from April 23 to May 4, 2018. The offer is available only to users of Playstation Plus, who have indicated that they want to receive information from Sony regarding the promotion of various products offered by PS Plus. The Netflix voucher received the extension of subscription to PS Plus is valid until September 30, 2018.

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