Disable Direct Messages on Facebook and Instagram

Is it possible to disable direct messages on Facebook and Instagram? Our customers ask us this question regularly. Of course, social media channels and their contact options offer a very valuable opportunity to exchange ideas with your own target group, but sometimes there are situations or reasons that make companies want to close these communication channels temporarily or permanently. That is why we are asking the question today whether this is even possible.

The short answer:

Direct messages can be deactivated on Facebook, unfortunately only to a limited extent on Instagram.

Disable Direct Messages on Facebook

To turn off messages on Facebook, you must use your Open the page, enable manage mode on the new page type if necessary, and then follow the steps below.

  1. Open the menu Point Settings

Now click on the point Privacy (important: previously you found this setting under the menu item News)

Click on Edit next to the hint Can others message your page?

and choose mark Out of .

Disable Direct Messages on Instagram

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to turn off Instagram messages. One can only restrict which messages are displayed in the mailbox. Although fewer messages arrive in their own mailbox, users still have the feeling that they can send a message to the Instagram channel and hope for an answer. It must therefore be questioned whether this setting makes sense. Alternatively or in addition, it is possible to store certain words that result directly in the message being sorted out. There is also an option to temporarily limit comments and messages from .

Because not all of these settings can be accessed via the browser interface are recommended to store them in the App to edit. Open the profile in question and access the settings. Under the point Privacy you have now the following options.


This menu item allows comments and messages temporarily limited, if you are being harassed, for example.

This option could currently be one of Shit storms

  • be very helpful. You select which accounts the restriction should affect:
  • Accounts that don’t follow you

and or

  • New followers who have followed you since last week
  • Afterwards you select the period for which this limitation should apply. This is a minimum of one day and a maximum of 4 weeks. After expiry, however, you will only be reminded to deactivate the limit again.

Disable Messages/Comments

This menu item allows to post messages and comments based on Term filter to restrict. In addition to some standard options,

own terms and expressions are stored, which lead to the deactivation of message requests. Important: even in this case, the only limitation is that you can see them. Messages can still be sent to you.

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