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Covet Fashion Hack – Get Unlimited Cash & Diamonds 2019

Covet Fashion Hack

Covet Fashion Review: Start Shopping And Styling

Do you enjoy playing online games that allow you to dress-up the models and make them fashionable? If yes, then you will certainly have a great time while playing Covet Fashion game. The game can be downloaded and enjoyed on Android as well as iOS gadgets same as our Covet Fashion Hack.

Your main purpose in the game is to dress up your gaming models in the finest of clothes that are available. You can change your character’s hair, skin tone, makeup, etc. at any time. Moreover, if you like branded clothing then you can even make them dress up in apparels that have been designed by real fashion designers. Cool, isn’t it? And with our Covet Fashion Cheats it’s even more awesome!

Covet Fashion Hack

In-Game Currencies:

Money, Diamonds, and Tickets are the three vital currencies of Covet Fashion game. In the beginning of the game, you will be given $5,000 in-game currency. Ensure that you use them wisely as it will get over soon or just use the Covet Fashion Hack to enjoy the game.


Money is used in the game for purchasing apparels for your playable character. Without proper clothing, you won’t be able to enter challenges. So, ensure that your model wears appropriate clothing that is required for each challenge.


Diamonds are the special in-game currency of Covet Fashion game. With the help of Diamonds, you can purchase expensive apparels. It is very important to earn Diamonds in the game as you can use it as an alternative currency.

Whenever you are short of Tickets or Money, you can make use of Diamonds. Listed below are some ways to earn Diamonds and other in-game currencies in the game:

  • You can earn Daily Bonus in form of Diamonds and Tickets by logging into the game each day. Your daily allowance is 100 Diamonds and 20 Tickets every day.
  • Purchase several Diamonds quickly by spending real world money.
  • Enter challenges that will give you loads of in-game currencies as rewards.
  • Try using Covet Fashion Hack 2018 for acquiring all in-game currencies instantly.


Tickets are another form of currency that is required for entering the various challenges. On an average, a challenge costs 20 Tickets as entrance fees. If you need tickets consider using Covet Fashion Hack as well.

To conclude, Covet Fashion is an engrossing game where you can live your dream of becoming a fashion expert. Shopping, dressing, and styling your playable character will surely keep you occupied for several days. So, go for it!

Fashion House:

A group of people can come together and create Fashion Houses. You can join the Fashion House and acquire various benefits. Or, you can create your own Fashion House. Each Fashion House can have a maximum of 50 members.

A major advantage of joining them is to borrow an item from any of its members. However, you can obtain only one item from a member each day. Remember that you will not be able to borrow any item from the same member for the next four days.

Runway Rally:

Members of a Fashion House can only participate in the Runway Rally. It allows you to work with your Fashion House for completing certain style challenges. You can check out these challenges by clicking on the Runway Rally tab. Each Runway Rally consists of three difficulty levels – Classic, Fierce, and Fancy. If you select the most difficult level then you will have to complete several style challenges.

Each rally lasts for three days and you will need specific amount of Stars for completing a style challenge. The required amounts of Stars are mentioned next to each challenge that is available in the Rally Feed. If you do not want to participate in the Runway Rally for sometime then you can click on its ‘off’ icon.

Covet Fashion cheat

Prize Bags:

When the prize board is completed, you can earn three sizes of prize bags, which are mentioned below:

  • Small Prize Bag: Includes Diamonds, Money, and other prizes.
  • Medium Prize Bag: Includes higher amounts of Diamonds, Money, and other prizes.
  • Grand Prize Bag: It includes Diamonds, Hair Accessories, Outfits, and Money.

After a period of one month, the prize board will reset and all prizes will change.


To enter a challenge, you need to click on the style challenges link, which is provided in the sidebar. There are several challenges accessible in the game at a time. You can browse all and select any one of them.

All challenges available in the game are active only for limited time. Once the time gets over, the challenge will expire and some other challenge will take its place. Mostly, each challenge is active for 2-3 days. Daily challenges are active only for 24 hours.

Flashback Challenges:

As the name suggests, these challenges will require you to make your model wear special jewelry, clothing, etc. that was worn in the past years. To enter the challenges, you need to spend 25 Tickets. Once you have entered, you will receive a reward of 200 Money. The best part of these challenges is that you can earn some amazing prizes like 1,000 Diamonds by completing it successfully.


As soon as you download the game, you will reach a page where you will notice several choices on the sidebar. Some of these are:

  • Premium Store: Here you can buy in-game currencies with real money.
  • Style Challenges: It will take you to a page where you can find innumerable challenges, select one of them, enter the challenge, and earn currencies.
  • Shop Online: A shopping mall where you can purchase your favorite designer clothing and check out the stuff by several designers.
  • Fashion Feed: Here, you can acquire news related to fashion.

Purchasing Apparels:

For each challenge that you enter, you will require specific apparels. If you are new to the game or have fewer in-game currencies then it is advisable to purchase only those apparels that are required for the challenge. You can reuse the same apparels repeatedly. However, once purchased, you cannot sell them.

Some of the garments that you can buy are Terani Couture Elegant Lace Dress, Michael Kors Leopard Cardigan, Nicole Miller Pinstripe Blouse, Rachel Zoe Wylie Off Shoulder Top, etc. Remember that if you use Covet Fashion Cheats it’s much easier to get apparel!

Other than clothing, you need to buy matching accessories for your gaming model. To complete the look, you have to purchase shoes, jewelry, as well as other accessories. All these can be found in the closet tab, which is available in the sidebar.

Remember that you need to dress up your avatar in accordance to the place and challenge. For instance; if the challenge will take your model outdoors for a hike then for obvious reasons, you cannot dress her up in a party wear.

Borrowing Apparels:

If you do not have enough in-game currency, then you can borrow apparels from other gamers. There are two ways to borrow apparels. First method is by connecting your Facebook account with the game and borrowing garments from your gaming friends. Second method is by joining a Fashion House and borrowing it from its members. However, borrowing clothing is not easy as you need to follow some rules, which are mentioned below:

  • In each challenge, you can borrow only one item.
  • Each Facebook friend can lend you clothes only once in three days.
  • In the Fashion House, a member can lend every 20 hours.
  • The same piece of clothing can only be borrowed once from each person.

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