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Another 5G innovations

After the commercial inauguration of 5G network services in the United States, there is an explosion of innovations related to the new generation of telecommunications technologies. Qualcomm has announced a significant miniaturization (by 25%) of the antenna module to receive a millimeter wave.

This gives the device manufacturers greater possibilities when it comes to designing 5G smartphones to appear on the market in 2019. The new modules are also equipped with an integrated 5G transceiver transmitter and operate in the band 26.5-29.6 GHz, 27, 5-28.35 and 37-40 GHz.

The American operator Sprint and LG announced the delivery of the first 5G smartphone in the US in the first half of 2019 to customers in the US. Another operator-producer pair, Verizon and Motorola, also announced the launch of the first 5G smartphone. The prototype solutions of 5G modules presented so far, eg in one of Motorola’s devices, look quite awkward, so miniaturization is very desirable.

Almost simultaneously with the Qualcomm message, the SiTime corporation announced the introduction of the Emerald Platform – a revolutionary, according to experts, solutions for precise time measurement based on the OCXO MEMS quartz oscillator. This is to solve problems related to time measurement for 5G infrastructure devices.

Mobile operators switching to 5G permanent availability systems need a much closer time synchronization in the equipment, while previously used oscillators remain very sensitive to environmental factors, vibrations and temperatures. As provided by SiTime Corporation, thanks to Emerald Platform, operators will be able to implement 5G equipment in difficult conditions and increase its reliability.

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