Add Collab Partners to Facebook Videos

For several months it has been possible to Co-authors: inside to Instagram posts and reels. Now also offers Facebook First this option, however initially limited to the

Publication from Videos. So-called collab partners can be added to Facebook video posts. These are then referred to as joint contributions.

Add collab partners to Facebook video posts

How to add a collab partner to a Facebook video post? This option is still very hidden and unfortunately not yet activated for all accounts. From now on, however, it is available to all users in the post creation process – whether directly on the channel page, in the Meta Business Suite or in the Facebook Creator Studio.

  • Open mask for creating Facebook posts
  • Select the desired video to upload
  • Automatic switch to the video upload interface
  • Filling the Layer Create with all the information you want
  • At the end of the level Create the option Show more choose
  • The option Tag and Collab Partners enable
  • Use the search function to select the desired collab partner

Finally, a Invitation link to be copied, which can then be sent to the collab partners: in can send to accept the collaboration. This ensures that the relevant notification is not lost in Facebook.

Here you will find a detailed explanation from Meta Selection of collab partners: inside in the different interfaces and apps and for accepting the invitation to collaborate.

Advantages of joint (video) posts with Collab

As with the co-authorship on Instagram, the reached reach and all other key figures in a common pot a. Instead of competing for reach by posting the same video on multiple channels in parallel, it is possible to Target groups of the channels

of the collab partners to combine with each other. According to its own statement, Facebook nevertheless automatically carries out an AB test after publication, which checks whether the video performs better only with the specification of the primary video creator or all collab partners. On the Facebook pages, however, it is always listed with details of all. In addition, all sides can also dissolve the collaboration again

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