A new addition to Grim Dawn – Forgotten Gods has been announced

This time the players will take a trip through the burning sands, oases and volcanic wastelands.

Crate Entertainment announced that the next addition to Grim Dawn – Forgotten Gods – will be released in the second half of 2018. This time, players will be able to embark on a journey beyond the boundaries of the Erulan empire, through heated sand, oases with lush vegetation and volcanic wastelands, to reach the ruins of the city hiding secrets that should be left alone. The flames of a forgotten god have rekindled anew …

Forgotten Gods will offer a new chapter in history, a new game mode, improvements to the game and hundreds of new, unique items. The add-on is to be unpacked to the brim and should appeal to both fans who have been playing for some time and those who are just starting their adventure with Grim Dawn.

So far, 1.2 million copies of Grim Dawn have been sold. The game is positively evaluated by 91% of users. The first addition, Ashes of Malmouth, was released in October 2017 and was also positively rated by 90% of recipients.

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