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A Drone That Can Fly And Swim


A team of engineers from the University of Rutgers in the US state of New Jersey has created a prototype of a small drone that is capable of both flight and underwater diving.

Naviator – this is how the invention is called – has already aroused wide interest in industry and the army. The universal character of the vehicle makes it ideal for military operations – such a drone during a spy mission could hide from the enemy under water if necessary. Potentially, it can also be used, among others on drilling platforms, for conducting construction inspections or rescue operations in hard-to-reach areas.

Certainly, he will also find his enthusiasts among amateur hobbyists and hobbyists. According to the Goldman Sachs Research report, the global consumer market of drones is waiting for an intensive growth – already in 2020, it will generate a profit of $ 3.3 billion.

A new invention in action can be seen in the following video:

It is true that in the present form the drone still has small possibilities, but it is only an early prototype. Developers are now working on improving the control system, increasing battery capacity and increasing payload.

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