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Do you want to watch TV everywhere? – Portable TV

portable tv

Despite the ubiquitous access to the Internet, movies, and series on demand, we are still happy to return to “traditional” television even if only to watch the favorite program. You can buy a tablet, but to get good quality equipment that will only serve you to watch TV, you will have to pay a lot. So if you or someone close to you wants to have access to television anytime and anywhere, it is not worth investing much, a portable TV will work much better.

No more recording an episode in your absence, now you can watch your favorite programs anytime and anywhere. Below you will find a few compact and portable TVs that will meet the needs of every film fan.

portable tv

Portable and stationary

You do not have to use portable televisions only outside the home. They work perfectly in every place where you spend a lot of time. It can be a kitchen, a workshop where you spend your afternoons or just as well any place where you will have constant access to electricity. The advantage of a small TV is that you can push it almost anywhere. Put it on a cabinet or shelf, or mount it on the wall under the ceiling, so you do not risk damage or flooding during everyday work. A smaller, portable TV will be a good complement to a large receiver. If two people want to watch different programs, one of them can settle for a smaller screen.

The following TV set with a fairly small diagonal of 8 inches will fit well into even the most cluttered room. The universal stand allows you to put it in a vertical position and also attach it to the wall. The free rotation of the screen means that you can freely rotate it during assembly, and the picture will adapt itself to your eyesight. With the VGA cable, you can even connect the device to a computer, turning it into a miniature monitor. Due to the low price and low level of energy consumed, the purchase of such equipment will not have a negative impact on your budget.

TV better than a tablet?

If you plan to spend holidays away from home, the TV will be useful as an additional entertainment center for the rest of the family, as well as an alternative to a TV set in a hotel room. The advantage of this type of device is a much lower price than you would have to pay for a tablet of similar size. Of course, these types of devices are not as technologically advanced and only fulfill one function. So if you plan to buy equipment with a view to watching movies on it and you do not want to pay for other “gadgets”, you will save several hundred zlotys by buying a portable TV set. A 12.1-inch screen and a wide viewing angle of 165 degrees allow several people to watch TV at the same time. Just place the device on a special stand and sit comfortably. The USB, AV, and HDMI outputs let you connect other devices to your TV and playback photos or movies on a larger screen.

portable tv

A portable TV has the same functions as their larger counterparts. This means that if you get a model with the right sockets, you’ll be able to attach even a gaming console to it. This is not the most convenient form of entertainment, but due to the lack of a larger TV set, it will allow you to even kill time. Good quality receivers will be appreciated above all by professional drivers who spend long breaks in parking lots where it is difficult to watch TV coverage. With this simple device plugged into the cigarette lighter socket, you will have no problem with the blurred image. The efficient battery of the receiver will also be useful for camping, not just those spending the night in a tent. If you like to fish, but you feel like a small springboard, just plug your headphones into the TV and tear a little in anticipation of a thick fish.

Being away from home, you do not have to give up your favorite series or hope that someone will forget to record it for you. You can have TV always with you at a reasonable price.

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